Community Involvement

Sight Programme

The Elgin Lions Club has many community events to help bolster community involvement, raising funds to help other communities, unite communities through different fundraisers, programs, activities and planned events.

Just about every person that wears glasses has a second pair in the home that have been forgotten about. Just sitting in some drawer collecting dust or simply just wasn’t needed. Perhaps it was put away “just in case” then we get another pair as our sight changes or the pair you have become out dated.

Those pair of old glasses can bring a special gift of clear sight to someone either in your own backyard or across the globe. Somewhere there are a set of eyes that can use a pair of glasses, someone that needs them, someone that is counting on them.

The Lions Club International needs your old glasses and they will insure they get to those who need it the most.  The Elgin Lions Club has made it easy to drop off your old pair of glasses.

You can drop off your pair at sponsored locations where you will find this drop off box

You can also give your eyewear to any Lions Member you know.  He, or she, will be more than willing to deposit your donation at their office.


Murphy’s Barber
5 Church Street
Westport, Ontario

Dr. Paul Radford
10 Bedford Street
Westport, Ontario

Dr. Brian Trickey
15 Church Street
Westport, Ontario

Rideau Medical
6 John Street
Newboro, Ontario

Country Road
Health Centre
4319 Cove Street
Portland, Ontario

Rideau Lakes
Building Centre
7719 Hwy 42
Elgin, Ontario

Savoury and Sweet
Restaurant, Chocolate Boutique, Gift Shop, Art Gallerry
3 Main Street
Elgin, Ontario

Make it even more convenient for the community and offer your location as a drop off centre.

The Elgin Lions Club does not endorse or recommend any service, product or business mentioned herein. Any product, service or business contained in this website is solely mentioned as recognition for their support

Loan Cupboard

Since June 1999, Elgin Lions have operated a loan cupboard for wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, commodes, bathtub accessories, and toilet seat risers.  We loan equipment to anyone who has need of them. Call the Elgin Lions Hall at 613 359-1166 and leave a message. Your signature and phone number are all that are needed. Return the equipment when you are finished with it so that it is available for someone else.


Our collection of equipment has increased over the years by donations from families who no longer needed them.  Any family that has equipment that is no longer required, please donate it to the LIONS.  In turn,  it will be put back into the community where it is needed.  You may contact any LION and arrange a time to pick up your donated equipment.

Terry Fox Run



The Elgin Lions Club has been sponsoring at the Lions Club House and grounds the annual Terry Fox Run in aid of raising money for cancer research.

The Elgin and Westport Lions started hosting the Terry Fox run in 1982 alternating locations for several years. When Westport Lions decided to stop hosting, the Elgin Lions continued to sponsor the Run alone. We now have 2 routes 10 km and 4 km. Participants can walk, run, cycle, roller blade either course route.

Since 1982, the Lions Club has raised $183,000.00 for Cancer Research in the Terry Fox Run .


Student Scholarship and Grants

June, 2017

Elgin Lions Club Award   Rachel Bilton
Elgin Lions Club Science Award    Rachel Bilton

Breakfast Programme



Elgin Lions Club presented SCPS $500 in gift certificates Gordanier Freshmart for South Crosby Public School  Breakfast Program gathered from donations during SCPS
Open House BBQ sponsored by Elgin Lions Club


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